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Examples of recent joint projects completed for clients that include Fortune 50’s:
●  Paint and varnish coating integrity analysis on mahogany doors and windows,
●  Additives stability studies and fate of long-term degradations in composites, polymers and plastics,
●  Indoor luxury spa mysterious discharge solved,
●  Carcinogenic degradation  moieties in beverages assessed and minimized,
●  Assisted in the R&D of portable instrumentation for detection of chemical agents,
●  Provided in-house workshops on method development and instrumentation selections,
●  Neurotransmitter determination in surgically resected brain hippocampal tissues.
● Corporations (Pharmaceuticals, construction contractors, manufacturers, clinical, environmental),
● Legal (Attorneys, prosecutors, court assignees, depositions, expert witness, affidavit, government, forensics)
●  Municipalities (local, county, state and U.S. Federal government, overseas government agencies),
● Provided VI therapeutic modalities for early interventions,
● tutorial services in the sciences, math and engineering,
● Curriculum and programmatic development and assessment
● Provide early intervention for vision therapy


News & Events
  • We respond to your needs worldwide by assigning local or international experts.
  • Our team of consultants regularly travel overseas to meet with our clienteles.
  • We work with large number of certified analytical laboratories and testing corporations.

Methodological Approach

Field: Field-based assessment, sampling and on-site testing and monitoring

Instrumentation: Chromatography, mass spectrometry, spectroscopy, electrochemistry, surface characterizations

Mode of chemical detections: on-line, off-line, at-line, in-line, ex vivo, in vivo, ex situ, in situ, in vitro.

Research: Comprehensive literature (patent/publication) research, government regulation and compliance investigation, report development.
● Chromatographic (GC, LC, SEC, IC)
● Spectroscopic (MS, IR, ATR-SERS, UV-VIS, NIR, AA, AE, AF, Thermal, X-ray)
● Surface Characterization (X-Ray, Auger, EM, AFS, TEM, SEM, ESCA, TOF-MS)